“Just because it sounds cool”

Something that I can really be pissed off about lately is when people make statements that just don’t make any sense. They don’t have a good reason why they have such an opinion. The last time this happens a lot at my work at some big company.

People that are above me in the chain of command just don’t agree with you because it’s fun to disagree. I call this “Just because it sounds cool”-statements. It’s a bit like this:

– Me: I think feature X should be like this because it would improve the experience for the customer.

Then there will be a response like this:

– N00b manager: I don’t think so because yadiedaya, blablabla –insert stupid reason that doesn’t make any sense here–.

In the last sentence there is a lot of crap coming out of the mouth of this person. He can’t explain me exactly why he/she has this opinion, it’s just “because it sounds cool”. Other people that are joining the meeting ( this stuff usually happens in meetings ) tell me after the meeting they think I was right.
Of course the n00b manager in this case has some good points but 75% of the stuff he’s telling is just plain nonsense.


Another thing I think that’s quite annoying is bureaucracy. I thought this only existed in other big company’s and the government but it seems at my company they like this too. People will obligate me to write a project plan for every damn thing I should do. If I were to buy a pizza I would even write a damn plan for this. It’s annoying like hell. You’re spending more time on creating the actual plan and documents than executing the damn thing.
My conclusion can be short: Project plans are useless.

If I were to spend all that time I would be spending on bureaucracy on real work this would deliver me in cash a 3 week holiday to the Bahama’s. Seriously. Of course this bureaucracy isn’t just limited to my desk with full of paper scraps. Everyone should do it. In meetings we’re told we’re not having a strategy/operational plan/project leader/project plan/view on the project/view on things/view on the world/–insert business buzzword here–. This isn’t only annoying for me, but also for the people I work with. It leads to a lot stress. All the work you do won’t be correct anyway. It just has to be somewhat different. It’s like pulling a rock up a mountain and letting it down again and then pulling it up again until you reach infinity+1.

If I ever start my own company ( and I probably will ) this shit won’t happen. I hate bureaucracy.

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