How to fix “No space left for device # on parent controller #” in VMWare’s VMSphere

It can the case if you import a OVF file using the Deploy OVF Template wizard, you get the error:
“No space left for device # on parent controller #”.

Although this might mean you simply ran out of space on your storage device, this error is also thrown in other case. After looking around a long time on the internet, I noticed that a commenter said that this error might be thrown when you import VirtualBox OVF images that have an IDE controller instead of a SCSI controller. So, when installing your VM in VirtualBox, make sure you use a SCSI controller instead of an IDE controller.

If the problem persists, you can simply remove the offending section from the OVF file by opening it with a text editor. For instance, I needed to remove the following section, which was a CD-ROM drive, from the OVF file:

<rasd:Description>CD-ROM Drive</rasd:Description>

When you installed the VM using the right controller, you can then import the OVF file
with the Deploy OVF Template wizard. If you happen to run into problems, you might
have to convert the OVF image using OVFtool. You can read how to use OVFtool here.


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