How to fix “unsupported hardware family virtualbox-2.2” in VMWare’s VMSphere

When importing a VirtualMachine from VirtualBox 4 or 5 to VMSphere, you can get the following error:
“unsupported hardware family virtualbox-2.2”.

You can easily fix this by using the downloading the following tool:

Then run:

chmod +x

After run:

./ yourvm.ovf

If you don’t have yourvm.ovf but yourvm.ova make sure you export the appliance in VirtualBox and using
.ovf as a file extension, otherwise it will not work (it will export the wrong file type).

The above command generates a “vmx_yourvm.ovf” file which is importable by the “Deploy OVF Template” wizard of VMSphere.

If after importing I got the error “No space left for device # on parent controller #”.
If you want to know how to fix this, go here.

If after importing you did not get the above error but still have problems importing the OVF, you can
use ovftool. I explain how to use OVFtool here.

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