How to charge the new iPad faster

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Recently I bought a brand new iPad 3. It’s an amazing device and I use it frequently for quickly checking my e-mail, reading articles on websites such as Hackernews. Another cool feature is the App Store, which has thousands of apps about nearly everything.

One thing I noticed about the new iPad, is that charging it takes a considerable amount of time. The iPad 3 takes about 6 hours to charge. On the Apple forums more people are complaining about the charge time ( source: charge time discussion).

I have discovered a few ways to improve the charge time of the iPad. Here they are in a nice list:

  • First of all, use the 12 watt charger that came with your iPad. This charger charges your iPad way faster than using the USB port of your computer.
  • Turn on Airplane mode on your iPad while it is charging.
  • If you don’t have to use the iPad, plug the charger in the iPad and turn it off completely.
  • Do not use old iPod or iPhone chargers, as they are not as fast in charging the iPad battery as the new charger.
  • Buy a IDsonix¬†fast¬†charger, it will charge the iPad way faster

20th of May 2012: Added more charging tips :)
24th of May 2012: Added the more useful tips.
4th of August 2012: Looking for a portable charger for travelling purposes? Look here.
3th of July 2014: Updated the article so that it’s up-to-date again :)

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