Speeding up your PHP apps with eAccelerator – How to install on Ubuntu or Debian

I read a lot about the speed of programming languages that can be used for web apps lately. A lot of people think Ruby is cool because it’s so easy to build stuff. On the other hand, it will be probably be very slow. This is the same for everything that’s build in ASP and .NET. The last language can’t even be called a proper language, it’s just pure crap.

The main thing everyone is discussing about is how fast a language is once you’ve written a program. I still think you need to choose the right tool for the job, but I think PHP is great. It’s easy to program and it can do virtually anything. ( In comparison to other languages that are commonly used for web apps ). Maybe I will give Python a go in the future too. Anyway, one of the big reasons people would not use PHP for their web apps is the speed. PHP isn’t the fastest language there is, no. So I thought: how can I improve this speed?
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“Just because it sounds cool”

Something that I can really be pissed off about lately is when people make statements that just don’t make any sense. They don’t have a good reason why they have such an opinion. The last time this happens a lot at my work at some big company.

People that are above me in the chain of command just don’t agree with you because it’s fun to disagree. I call this “Just because it sounds cool”-statements. It’s a bit like this:

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PhpMyAdmin problems after upgrading to Ubuntu Feisty

Just a quick post about a problem I had a few days ago.

I noticed after upgrading to Ubuntu Feisty from Ubuntu Edgy the last time, PhpMyAdmin didn’t work anymore. I got the following error:

#1045 - Access denied for user: 'www-data@localhost' (Using password: YES)

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Creating PHP cronjobs without cron and php-cli

Yesterday my internet connection was down due a problem with the line. It’s often when I don’t have a connection to the internet I come up with good idea’s.

A while ago I read in a blogpost that someone had a problem with wp-cron.php. It brought the server of the blogger to his knees. It was a bug in wp-cron.php that caused WordPress to keep starting these jobs bringing the webserver down. I don’t know if this bug is fixed now but I thought it would be one of those things you would check while progging the code.
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