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How to disable SpotLight indexing on Mac OS Sierra

I recently started using Mac OS Sierra and was monitoring battery life on my Macbook to determine whether it was more or less energy friendly. I noticed Spotlight is writing to disk a lot because it needs to index the … Continue reading

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How to fix slow VPN on iPad / iPhone

There a lot of threads on the internet where people have issues with VPN being slow after an update to iOS 7.1. After some research I figured out what causes the problem. Here’s how to fix it: Login to your … Continue reading

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The best portable iPad chargers

When travelling, it is smart to bring your iPad with you. Read a book while in the airplane or when you are in the train. The problem that occurs often, is that you’re deep into a book or in a … Continue reading

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How to charge the new iPad faster

Recently I bought a brand new iPad 3. It’s an amazing device and I use it frequently for quickly checking my e-mail, reading articles on websites such as Hackernews. Another cool feature is the App Store, which has thousands of … Continue reading

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