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Github SSL error after Mac OS X SSL update

After I applied Apple latest SSL security patch, Homebrew did not want to update the git repository anymore. I got the error “SSL certificate problem: Invalid certificate chain”. How to fix this: Open the Keychain Access app Go to Preferences … Continue reading

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Mythbusters s10e08 download

I’m a fan of the Mythbusters show. I cannot watch the episodes on tv because I do not live in the States. It seems like the Mythbusters s10e08 episode, Bouncing Bullet has not aired yet. So for anyone looking for … Continue reading

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How to delete all pyc files from a project

In a Django project that I am working on I needed to remove all the pyc files from a project. cd into the directory where you want to remove the pyc files and do the following: find . -name "*.pyc" … Continue reading

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Get the week number with JavaScript – update

Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I have found a better way to find the week number with javascript for a date. I pulled this gem from the datejs source: function getWeek (getdate) { var a, b, … Continue reading

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MSN / Live Messenger – How to fix error 80072efd

I use Windows Live Messenger ( also known as MSN Live Messenger ) often for instant messaging. The other day I got the “80072efd” error. Luckily, I found a few things you need to check to get MSN Live Messenger … Continue reading

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