This blog is about things that happen in my life. In short, this blog consists my thoughts.
I’ve made some categories where blog posts are going to be posted. These categories are divided in a way that these comply with the way my life is.
The categories are:

  • Work
  • Tech
  • Common

Common consists of things that can’t be placed into Work and Tech. These are the two things that take most of my time. Off course you will notice that the company names I use are names that do not really exist. These are the altered company names of company’s where I work for. This is because of the fact that it doesn’t matter which company does what, the thing that matters is how I think about things at my work. Also, I don’t want that a Google search on a company name would bring up my personal blog because that could affect certain customers’ decisions that would search for this name.
This blog is about my thoughts on business and life because I think there’s much that can be improved on the workplace that could potentially increase the reliability and efficiency of a company. Company names of company’s that I do not work for will be published as is.

I use the same policy for my personal name. It will not be published here. The reasons are the same. I don’t want that a Google search would turn up this blog because this could potentially affect my future customers’ decisions on my company’s products or services.

I bet you would be curious why I don’t just block the search engines in my blog. This is because I really want the things that I write to be indexed. Other people that could be interested in my opinion must have the opportunity to read it.
On the other hand, I don’t care if you actually know what my real name is. It can be tracked fairly easy. I will use the real names of places I visit, people I know. If you can find their sites, you can probably find this blog too. The thing is, you came on this blog because you are interested in the things I write about, not because you just want to discover if you like my favorite color or not.

In short, the above policy prevents people from taking quick prejudices about me or people that I work with.

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