How to use OVFTool to convert OVF’s to VMWare’s VMSphere

You can download OVFtool for Mac, Windows and Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit) here:

Install the tool on your system.

Then run:
ovftool yourvm.ovf outfile.ovf

You might want to use –lax if you have compatibility issues.

Run ovftool –help to see all the options the tool has.

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How to fix “No space left for device # on parent controller #” in VMWare’s VMSphere

It can the case if you import a OVF file using the Deploy OVF Template wizard, you get the error:
“No space left for device # on parent controller #”.

Although this might mean you simply ran out of space on your storage device, this error is also thrown in other case. After looking around a long time on the internet, I noticed that a commenter said that this error might be thrown when you import VirtualBox OVF images that have an IDE controller instead of a SCSI controller. So, when installing your VM in VirtualBox, make sure you use a SCSI controller instead of an IDE controller.

If the problem persists, you can simply remove the offending section from the OVF file by opening it with a text editor. For instance, I needed to remove the following section, which was a CD-ROM drive, from the OVF file:
<rasd:Description>CD-ROM Drive</rasd:Description>

When you installed the VM using the right controller, you can then import the OVF file
with the Deploy OVF Template wizard. If you happen to run into problems, you might
have to convert the OVF image using OVFtool. You can read how to use OVFtool here.

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How to fix “unsupported hardware family virtualbox-2.2” in VMWare’s VMSphere

When importing a VirtualMachine from VirtualBox 4 or 5 to VMSphere, you can get the following error:
“unsupported hardware family virtualbox-2.2”.

You can easily fix this by using the downloading the following tool:

Then run:

chmod +x

After run:

./ yourvm.ovf

If you don’t have yourvm.ovf but yourvm.ova make sure you export the appliance in VirtualBox and using
.ovf as a file extension, otherwise it will not work (it will export the wrong file type).

The above command generates a “vmx_yourvm.ovf” file which is importable by the “Deploy OVF Template” wizard of VMSphere.

If after importing I got the error “No space left for device # on parent controller #”.
If you want to know how to fix this, go here.

If after importing you did not get the above error but still have problems importing the OVF, you can
use ovftool. I explain how to use OVFtool here.

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How to disable SpotLight indexing on Mac OS Sierra

I recently started using Mac OS Sierra and was monitoring battery life on my Macbook to determine whether it was more or less energy friendly. I noticed Spotlight is writing to disk a lot because it needs to index the files on your Mac.

I therefore decided to disable SpotLight indexing on my Mac. This guide describes how to disable the indexing for Mac OS Sierra. (But it will probably also work on El Capitan)

The steps are as follows:

Step 1

Open the Terminal app. You can find it by opening Finder, Applications, Utilities.

Step 2

Type the following command and press “enter”:

sudo mdutil -a -i off


If you want to re-enable SpotLight indexing later, you can simply open the Terminal app again and run:

sudo mdutil -a -i on

This will re-enable indexing.

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How to fix slow VPN on iPad / iPhone

There a lot of threads on the internet where people have issues with VPN being slow after an update to iOS 7.1.

After some research I figured out what causes the problem. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Login to your home router.
  2. Search around for WMM and disable this feature.

This will fix the problem. If disable WMM on your router is too difficult, an option is to buy a new Linksys WRT54GL.

Update: Another possible solution is to use a L2TP/IPSec instead of PPTP tunnel.

Update 9-8-2014, another possible fix:

What I did specifically was:
– Go to Settings / Wi-fi.
– Click on the blue i in the circle to the right of the active Wi- fi connection
– Make a note of the data entries for the DHCP tab
– Select the Static tab and manually enter the same data noted from the DHCP tab

Did the above solutions work for you? Please comment below :)

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How do I transfer PDF files from iBooks to my PC?

A few weeks ago, I bought some books on Amazon. I really wanted to transfer these files to my PC, so that I can read them there also.

How do you achieve this?

  1. Connect your iPad to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Hold the control button on your keyboard and click on the iPad in the Sidebar.
  4. Click on Transfer Purchases.

Another way to do this is to open iBooks and e-mail the book to yourself.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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How to charge iPhone 5S faster

I read a lot on forums that people have trouble charging their iPhone 5 in a fast way.

How to solve this?

There are several solutions:

As you can see, the maximum number of Watts a charger usually has is 15W. This is because this the maximum amount of energy that a USB device can handle for charging.

Obviously, the 15W options provide the best performance as they are the highest power.

If you have questions, please let me know in a comment!

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Github SSL error after Mac OS X SSL update

After I applied Apple latest SSL security patch, Homebrew did not want to update the git repository anymore. I got the error “SSL certificate problem: Invalid certificate chain”.

How to fix this:
Open the Keychain Access app
Go to Preferences
Reset the default Keychain

And it works again!

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The best portable iPad chargers

When travelling, it is smart to bring your iPad with you. Read a book while in the airplane or when you are in the train. The problem that occurs often, is that you’re deep into a book or in a movie when the battery of the iPad is drained. There usually no charging points in trains and airplanes.

A good solution for this problem are portable iPad chargers. I made a list of the best portable iPad chargers here. I will update the list when I discover more good chargers.

1. Innergie Pocketcell 3,000 mAh Rechargeable Portable Battery
This charger charges over 10.000 USB devices, including the iPad. It will also charge other devices such as iPhones, iPods, Blackberry etc.

When the iPad is fully charged, you can extend its battery time for 4,5 hours under normal usage. The charger has five built in protections to ensure that no harm happens to your devices.

2. The Tursion High Quality 8000mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank
This Lithium Ion battery extends the movie time of your iPad for 25 hours (!). It’s great for when travelling far. You can pre-charge the battery pack with your PC or using a wall outlet with the adapter that comes with this battery. The battery has a capacity of 8000 mAh. It has a LED indicator to show the power that is remaining in the battery.
3. PowerGen 5200mAh External Battery Pack High Capacity Power Bank
This battery pack is the cheapest of the 3 mentioned here. This battery pack has a 5200 mAh capacity. It’s portable and compact. This battery pack has a flashlight function that lasts for 250 hours. It also has a LED charge level indicator. It has a nice design and the plastic does not scratch easily.
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How to charge the new iPad faster

iPad charging icon
Recently I bought a brand new iPad 3. It’s an amazing device and I use it frequently for quickly checking my e-mail, reading articles on websites such as Hackernews. Another cool feature is the App Store, which has thousands of apps about nearly everything.

One thing I noticed about the new iPad, is that charging it takes a considerable amount of time. The iPad 3 takes about 6 hours to charge. On the Apple forums more people are complaining about the charge time ( source: charge time discussion).

I have discovered a few ways to improve the charge time of the iPad. Here they are in a nice list:

  • First of all, use the 12 watt charger that came with your iPad. This charger charges your iPad way faster than using the USB port of your computer.
  • Turn on Airplane mode on your iPad while it is charging.
  • If you don’t have to use the iPad, plug the charger in the iPad and turn it off completely.
  • Do not use old iPod or iPhone chargers, as they are not as fast in charging the iPad battery as the new charger.
  • Buy a IDsonix fast charger, it will charge the iPad way faster

20th of May 2012: Added more charging tips :)
24th of May 2012: Added the more useful tips.
4th of August 2012: Looking for a portable charger for travelling purposes? Look here.
3th of July 2014: Updated the article so that it’s up-to-date again :)

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